Sign Repair

sign repairIs your sign in need of repair or some of the lights are out? Then our sign repair service is perfect for you.

We have the tools and the expertise to repair pretty much any type of sign or neon sign.

Complete Lighting and Electrical Signs” has the ability and expertise to install and repair all types of signs. 

Our professionals have taken care of every small installation detail.

You’ll be surprised at how cost effective it is to repair you sign instead of getting a new one and replacing it. Even more so when you think about the one time cost as compared to the number of people you reach when they see your sign.


Repairs on:

Electrical Fluorescent Signs
Neon Signs
Parking Lot Pole lights
LED Signs (New & Leasing)

If you have one sign or several of them, new in business or been around a long time, let us help to promote your business with our high quality, outstanding sign production and repair service. Contact us for more information at (773) 710-1071

Our company offering several types of electrical services as installation, build and repair electric pole signs, neon signs, parking lot pole lights, building security lights, warehouse bay lights and all lighting maintenance needs.

Once you’re ready to work with us, we’ll put together an exciting plan to help with the best lighting service to a reasonable cost.