About Us

sign repairComplete Lighting and Electrical Signs” has made a considerable investment in the latest technology in order to make custom signs, faster and more affordable for you.

Our company has been in business since 1978 and has built several repair programs for several clients with outstanding service.  Our company creates new electrical illuminating signs, neon signs, fluorescent signs, sign panels, vinyl artwork and more.

Our company also repairs electric pole signs, neon signs, parking lot pole lights and building security lights.

  • We manufacture ,in-house, neon tubes, 8mm-10mm-12mm-13mm-15mm.
  • We design, manufacture and install outdoor neon signage and channel letter signs, including all permitting if requested.
  • We repair neon tubes.
  • We design, manufacture and install neon window signs.
  • We make and install neon strip lighting, interior, and exterior.
  • We service all outdoor commercial neon signs.
  • We design and sell our own line of neon art pieces.
  • We do neon art and sign installations, yours or ours, for art shows, trade shows, theater, movie sets and commercial installations of any scope.
  • No project to0 large or too small. No design, 2 or 3 dimension, too difficult.
  • We make high quality, long lasting tubes for all applications.
  • All tubes and transformers guaranteed for 1 year.

Our shop fabrication capabilities, in addition to making luminous tubes, include working with sheet metal, steel including stainless, wood, plastic and finish work.

Glass blower Jerry Varnes has been designing and manufacturing quality neon products for retail customers, wholesale customers, commercial projects, residential projects, indoor and outdoor signage and lighting. We are your complete source for all things Neon.

Complete Lighting & Neon Sign Service, Repair and maintenance. All of our luminous tubes are hand bent and gassed in-house in our own facilities – no outsourcing – for quality control. Our neon lamps, all HANDCRAFTED in the USA in house, have been sold all across the USA at specialty gift shops, furniture stores, museum shops.

All neon tubes and transformers come with a 1 year warranty.

We take our relationships with our customers seriously.  We go the extra mile to make certain our customers are completely satisfied with our service.

We are geared toward your success and proud of the job that we do for you.

Contact us for more information at (773) 710-1071